This Program focuses on all of International Program that will increase the students achievements and development. Each students are expect to have their own accomplishment both in academic ways or non-academic ways.


This program is opened to GIS – Jogja students who want to study abroad for a short period of time in summer season. This course is for students who want to learn the culture of other countries by studying at a partner schools of Gistrav Islamia School – Jogja. Students are expected to acquire more knowledge after returning to Gistrav Islamia School – Jogja.


Gistrav Islamia School – Jogja offers a Student-Exchange Program. We directly enroll you at our member schools because we value the personal transformation that comes from cultural immersion. With GIS – Jogja School, the students will get experience to student exchange, full exchange or short exchange in over 50 different countries.


This program allows you to apply for a study abroad program for one or two semester at our partner schools. Students participating in this program have to pay academic fee to Gistrav Islamia School and the partner university, depending on the regulations stated by the partner school. By the end of the program, students will be given a certificate of completion which can be used to reach their future in terms of continuing higher education in world class standard school.


Gistrav Islamia School – Jogja provides an International Conference in other countries with expert speakers. Many topics can discussed in the exclusive forum. International conferences are being organized as multidisciplinary which are even more impactful.


Gistrav Islamia School have featured program that is entrepreneur program. GIS-Jogja School make International Educative Entrepreneurial program. The program is the platform where students can learn, be inspired and start to be entrepreneur by attending workshop in several companies in overseas.


Beside International Workshop, student will lead to get an extraordinary experiences in entrepreneur by visiting company in national and International. So, they could feel and imagine how is the world tomorrow.


An International Field trip is short program abroad conducted by Gistrav Islamia School – Jogja which accompanied by student buddy from partner schools. This program aims to :

  • Build International relation towards one institution to others in overseas
  • Meet with new people and being in new country and different environment will encourage students to adapt themselves.